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tis the season to be growing!

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the coming week is really active astrologically speaking and i wanted to give you all a heads up :)  check out the weekly astrology forecast for an in-depth explanation on the individual aspects as well as the weekly horoscopes for how they pertain to your sign.  here is an overview:

this week we have the winter solstice (summer solstice in the south), a new moon in capricorn on christmas eve (12/24), and jupiter stationing direct on christmas day (12/25).  this is an influx of A LOT of new energy- a new season, a new lunar cycle, a new start.  but because the sun is moving into capricorn we have the uranus/pluto square featured in both the solstice chart AND the new moon chart.  over the next week and a half the sun will trine jupiter, square uranus, sextile chiron and cojoin pluto (in that order).  the jupiter/chiron aspects support growth, healing, and awareness.  the uranus/pluto aspects support radical change, death and rebirth and transformation.

the uranus/pluto square isn't even exact yet!  the first exact aspect between these two occurs next year on june 24th.  they will make 7 aspects over the next 3 years due to their slower movement and retrograde stations.  we haven't even experienced the first exact aspect and yet we are definitely experiencing the change, awakening, death/rebirth and transformation!  with the new moon chart and the solstice chart both featuring the dynamic square between these two planets- we are given insight that their energies are going to be very present over the next month as well as the next season.  we really are kicking of 2012 with a BANG!

although these two facing off have a lot of intensity to them- they also have a lot of positivity and potential.  things need to change here on planet earth.  the way things have been going collectively, globally, politically, financially, even personally- they are not working.  not only are they not working- they are destructive, toxic and detrimental to the health and wellbeing of humanity.  so uranus and pluto are engaging with each other to active our innate drive for evolution, change and commitment to seeing and living Truth.  we can see this happening all over the planet- and if we are honest with ourselves we can see this playing out in our personal lives as well.

wherever your life is out of integrity or whevever there are destructive patterns playing out (in finances, relationships, beliefs, health, whatever)- you can bet your bottom dollar is it coming up right now.  the more we work with the energies coming in to change and transform- the better off we will be come 2012.  the more we resist change and transformation- the harder life is going to become and the more karma we will be accruing.

this is it!  tis the season to be GROWING!  it's time to wake up and get on board the Self-mastery train.  2012-2015 are going to be intense- and you want to be centered in yourSelf and on the right path so you can be the change you wish to see in the world :)

happy holidays...

~divine harmony

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